Sport Physical Day will be held on August 5th from 2pm-5pm in the HS auditorium. Cost is $10 per athlete. Click on image above for more information.

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Vision for Core Academic Standards

By implementing the Core Academic Standards the South Callaway Staff is committed to developing leadership and instructional skills to assure that all students discover and utilize their full talents and potential to become leaders and to take responsibility for their own destination.


SchoolMessenger is a notification system that the district is using to send out Alerts, School Closings, Sport Notifications, etc. It can call your home phone and cell phone, send SMS text messages, and send emails.

The phone numbers and email addresses being used were submitted on the school enrollment form at the start of the year. If at any time during the year you have a change to this information, please notify your child’s building office.


To ensure the safety of all kids, all food items for birthdays, seasonal parties, or special occasions must be store bought and/or individually packaged. We strongly encourage that all food items be free of nuts and a food label be available. Thank you for your support to keep all students safe.

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