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Vision for Core Academic Standards

By implementing the Core Academic Standards the South Callaway Staff is committed to developing leadership 
and instructional skills to assure that all students discover and utilize their full talents and potential to become 
leaders and to take responsibility for their own destination.

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that were sent in on Monday 11/24 
Will be available for pickup on Friday, November 28th, from 8am to 11am in the High School Commons**

MSHSAA Letter regarding the Show Me Bowl 2014:

Ladies and Gentlemen,
I would like to begin with congratulating all of you on making the finals of the 2014 Football Championships. This email is going to every athletic director, principal, superintendent or head of school that has qualified for the football finals. I am writing today to let you know that we are working to put things in place to ensure you and your kids have a great experience this weekend, and to try to put your minds at ease that you all will be safe this weekend.  Also, it is my hope that you can relay to your communities that we are planning to play the 2014 Football Championships this weekend on Friday, November 28 and Saturday, November 29 and would not do that if we did not have assurances from law enforcement that it will be safe in Downtown St. Louis. 
I know all of you are aware of the situation in Ferguson, Missouri and the concerns that the unrest will affect the football games.  Again I wish to state that Harvey Richards, Jason West, and I have had multiple conversations with the hotel, Dome, and St. Louis City Police Chief and they have all assured us that it will be safe for our students and spectators.  Further, we have been notified by the Dome that the Rams will be playing here on Sunday. 
With that said, we will continue to monitor the situations in Ferguson as well as downtown St. Louis.  It is a 20 minute drive without traffic to get from Ferguson to Downtown.  Therefore we do not feel the unrest will occur in downtown, but if it occurs, then we will look at making changes to the current plan.  Please understand, we would not willingly or knowingly place you, your students, or spectators in harm’s way, and will make adjustments as the situations dictate.  If any changes occur, we will contact you all first to allow for you to make the appropriate adjustments.
Below is a statement from the hotel and you can go to the MSHSAA website to see our latest press release.
Subject: FW: Hotel Security

The safety of our clients and guests is our number one concern. The national guard is stationed downtown with police. The police also have the core of downtown saturated with pods (groups) of officers 24/7. We have increased our security presence and have also added extra overage with a security company patrolling the perimeter of the property. At this time none of our hotels including the Ballpark Hilton and Union Station have experienced any sort of internal disturbance from this verdict. The police informed us in numerous meetings that no hotel in the area is a target or focal point for demonstrations. At this time the area has not been not disrupted and all restaurants attractions are business as usual.   Having said that we have plans in place at different levels of response to any incident including lock down phase if required.
MARK WOLFARD  I  Manager - Sales

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**Congratulations SC Football Team! SC won against Palmyra (27-2)**

All District Pep Assembly - Go Bulldogs!



Thank you Kaitlyn Loucks for these great photos of this morning's send off of the SC Football Team!