South Callaway R-II School District

2017-2018 New Student Enrollment Information

School Begins August 10, 2017 for the 2017-2018 School Year

New Students

The following are directions for students who were NOT enrolled into the South Callaway R-II School District during the 16-17 school year. This includes students moving into the district for the first time, incoming kindergarten students not registered last spring, and students transferring from private, parochial or homeschool for the first time.

Documents Required for New Enrollments

1.   Photo ID of parent/legal guardian:

     A driver's license, passport, or any other state ID is acceptable.       

·         The biological, foster or adoptive parent may enroll the student

·         Guardians must have the proper guardianship forms signed and a copy of court authorization.

·         Custody documentation is required in case of divorce or emergency placement.


    2.  Documentation of child's date of birth:

    Birth certificate

     NOTE: Kindergarteners must be 5 years old on or before July 31.

First-graders must be 6 years old on or before July 31.


    3.  Proof That You Live in the South Callaway R-II School District:

      For more information see the Proof of Residency Form in the Document List Below.

    A.  If you own your home, please bring the following:

    • Legal property description of residence, deed, paid real estate tax bill and/or signed purchase contract with possession date of closing date no more than 40 days prior to possession date.
    • Current utility bill, i.e. gas, electric, land-line phone (no cell), water, trash, cable bill; the bill must show the parent/legal guardian's name enrolling the student and service address. Dated within last 30 days.

    B.  If you rent, please bring the following:

    •   Current signed lease or rental agreement that has been signed by all parties. Landlord's contact information must be provided as well as start      and end dates of lease. 
    •  Current utility bill, i.e. gas, electric, land-line phone (no cell), water, trash, cable bill; the bill must show the parent/legal guardian's name         enrolling the student and service address. Dated within last 30 days.


4.  Immunization records are required by state law.

     Children cannot enroll after the first day of school without immunization records. 


 Immunization Requirements

Missouri State Law Bill Number 167.181


Missouri law requires that students meet immunization requirements on the FIRST DAY of school. These would include all students unless noted otherwise.  Click here to find Missouri’s requirements:

Immunization Requirements Image

Missouri School Law requires that children who are not completely immunized will not be allowed to enroll in school and will be excluded immediately. If you have any questions regarding your child’s immunization status or for more detailed information, please check with your school nurse.

Documents Required for Enrollment

Please fill out online prior to coming to the school.  This will help to speed up the registration process.  If you are unable to do so, we will have a device available for you to use at the school.  Please allow additional time for this process.


1)    New Student Questionnaire (REQUIRED)

2)    Migrant Education (REQUIRED) 

3)    Foster Child (Only if you are enrolling a Foster Child)  

4)    Proof of Residency (REQUIRED)

5)    Technology Usage Agreement (REQUIRED)

6)    Technology Usage Policy (Read)

7)    Records Request (REQUIRED):  You will need to print this out or fill out at the school.  

8)    Prior Discipline (REQUIRED):  You will need to print this out or fill out at the school.  This document requires a Notarized Signature (a notary is available at the school).  


The remainder of the documents will be available on E-Registration after you receive your Parent Access ID and Password for PowerSchool.


Parent Portal/E-Registration

You will be required to set up a Parent Portal account to finalize your students’ enrollment in the district. If you DO NOT complete your Parent Portal at the time of enrollment your student will NOT BE ABLE TO START on the first day of school.  Unfortunately, if you register after Aug. 8, 2017 we cannot guarantee enrollment on the first day of school. To help us prepare for the new school year, we ask that families complete the enrollment process as soon as they are able.